Hello! My name is Jillian, welcome to my blog!

I am most myself when I’m creating something. I knit, sew, draw, cook, and am starting to write patterns to spread the creative love. I have been knitting since I was 7; two decades have seen an occasional hobby transform into a full-on obsession and favoured pastime. These days I work as the yarn expert and knitting instructor at a yarn and fabric store in Guelph, ON. My love of all things fibre has spread to sewing, though I definitely qualify as an enthusiast rather than an expert. Oh yeah, and I’m also a PhD-educated scientist. Knitting kept me sane through grad school!

In addition to dorking out over yarn and fabric, I love to cook, play board games with my awesome boyfriend, and watch my furbaby Scout destroy her handmade toys.

Contact: jilliant [at] gmail [dot] com

On Ravelry: microgirl


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