Morel Grove Sewing Pouch


The BIG BOY! 14″ x 11″

As soon as the Hello, Bear line arrived in the store, I knew I had to make something out of the Morel Grove fabrics. And I was having trouble keeping track of my sewing supplies so I made a pouch to hold my thread and notions! Lifelong sewers are probably chuckling right now and I totally get it — my knitting notions need a cabinet, and I have seen the walls of thread other sewers use — but I’m a novice so for now, a pouch does the trick XD

See? Everything fits!

See? Everything fits!

I based the sizing on Noodlehead’s largest Open Wide pouch, but the zipper is actually enclosed like this. I was worried the smaller bits and bobbins might fall out, and I have a serious fear that Scout might get ahold of and ingest sewing thread.



I skipped the topstitching around the pouch top, partly because a good pressing did the trick, and partly because lazy. I also added patch pockets to either side of the lining, and divided one of the pockets into three smaller pockets. A place for everything!

Seriously big

Seriously big

I used every millimetre of two fat quarters, plus half a metre of interfacing, and managed to eke out the largest pouch possible and both pockets. The photo above shows my rotary cutter and 8″ shears for scale — big pouch!

This was my first time sewing with Art Gallery quilting cotton, and it did not disappoint. I used Microtex needles and was super pleased with the finer result they gave. The microbiology nerd in me can’t help but pick at the name of these fabrics, though — those are NOT morels printed on there! They’re mushrooms, yo! Seriously pretty, had-to-have-’em mushrooms.

Pattern: Open Wide Pouch by Noodlehead

Size: Largest

Fabric: Hello, Bear Morel Grove Pond and Powder, one fat quarter of each

Modification: Enclosed zipper as in Scrappy Makeup Pouch

Bonus Scout Photobomb

Bonus Scout Photobomb


One thought on “Morel Grove Sewing Pouch

  1. This is so cute! I’ve just convinced myself I need a new washbag, and have some oddments of bunny fabric that would be perfect!


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