Inaugural Post

This is probably the hardest post. I need to set the tone, and introduce myself, and impress the nonexistent readers. Pressure!


… Not like it’s affecting. I have followed craft blogs for 7 years; they kind of saved my sanity. No joke. I felt trapped in a meaningless graduate degree, and was told more than once that I basically had no options but to finish. Not surprisingly, I exhibited a lot of avoidance behaviour, including stalking yarn and knitting patterns on Rav like my life depended on it. I often told people that I wanted to ‘run away and join a yarn store’. No joke. Most nights I worked 6pm – 4am in the lab and knit furiously between PCR and ELISA cycles.

Fast forward a couple years. I’m broke but finished the damn PhD. My favourite LYS needs a yarn manager/knitting instructor and I actually get the job. Suddenly, I’m knitting for a living — sharing the love by teaching others and recommending awesome yarns for distribution! Dream come true??? I think so!

So here we are!

8 months in, I love knitting more than ever. Not only is it my salvation and livelihood, it is an awesome way to get to know more lovely people. Also, it’s sort of impossible to work in a fabric shop without becoming addicted to sewing. My coworkers are a treasure trove of knowledge (and the employee discount doesn’t hurt either, heh)! I’m on my feet, supporting myself with my passion, and loving life.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Jillian


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