Dia de los Washi!


So guys, this was my very first sewn dress project. I saw the folklorico fabric by Alexander Henry in our store and I had to have it! Yes, I’m suggestable

dia de los 1

ANYWAY I used the amazing Washi Dress pattern with almost no modifications. Knitter Jillian can’t complete a project without modifications and this was no exception.


I was a good girl and after making a muslin it was apparent that the bust dart was waaaaaay too high for my body. This is an issue I have encountered with bras and basically every commercially made top or dress I own, so unsurprisingly this pattern was no exception. For reference, I am 5’8″ (1.70m), I modified the pattern by adding 0.5″ length to the bodice shoulders which helped, but that wasn’t quite enough to offset the dress dart/my boobs discrepancy. I think the dress looks well, but I do find myself tugging it into place rather frequently 😐 It’s not enough of an issue to recut and replace the bodice front, though.


Overall: For this seasoned knitter/beginner sewer, the Washi was a fun and rewarding project. I wear the dress as frequently as laundry allows, and I modified the bust dart issues very easily in its next iteration. Stay tuned!

Pattern: Washi Dress by Rae Hoekstra

Size: XS

Fabric: Alexander Henry Folklorico Gotas de Amor, 2.5m, found on fabric.com

Modifications: Lengthened shoulders by 0,5″; cut size xl for length

Next time: lower bust dart by 1″; make in every fabric, evarrrrr


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